There are currently two different types of kart wheel construction - Spun and Cast. Two types of materials used to make these wheels - Aluminum and Magnesium. Below are their respective benefits and some rules of thumb to follow.

1) The wheel should be no more than one inch narrower or wider than the tire. Example: A 5” wide Front wheel for a 4:5 size tire and an 8” wide Rear wheel for a 7:10 size tire.

2) Spun Aluminum wheels could provide slightly more grip depending upon the brand and may produce the same effect as a longer hub or stiffer axle.

3) Traditionally Cast Magnesium wheels are the lightest, with Spun and Cast Aluminum wheels being about even, depending upon the size, brand and style. Lighter wheels have less rotating mass and might assist acceleration out of corners, depending upon chassis setup, tire size and compound, track conditions and the attitude of the kart when exiting the corner. Through our research and development a measurable speed advantage even from the lightest wheels is seldom realized or consistent enough to depend upon.

4) Cast wheels work best when the combination of chassis setup and track conditions are already providing good grip. Cast Magnesium wheels will provide less grip than Cast Aluminum wheels.

5) Azzurro Cast Aluminum wheels have a machined tire bead “lip” to help center and seal the tire bead against the wheel, assuring for proper seating and tire alignment on the wheel, with no loss of air pressure.

6) Azzurro Cast Aluminum wheels are not brittle or porous like Cast Magnesium wheels, nor do they do loose air. They are not prone to bending, breaking or distorting like Spun Aluminum wheels.

7) Azzurro Cast Aluminum wheels are stronger and more durable than Cast Magnesium wheels and do not change shape like Spun Aluminum wheels.

8) Azzurro Cast Aluminum wheels are made from one-piece pressure cast Aircraft Aluminum, are then CNC machined and Heat Treated, all of which makes them the strongest, longest lasting kart wheel available.

9) Azzurro Cast Aluminum wheels can be anodized, painted, or powder coated any color. They can also be polished to provide a brilliant long lasting shine.

10) Azzurro wheels conform to CIK/FIA standards and carry a One-year Warranty.

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